Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring Fling 2008

Our town's annual Spring Fling was held this past weekend, and we were excited when Ms. Andrea called to see if Mikayla wanted to dance. Her dance company was scheduled to dance on one of the many stages on Saturday at one. Ms. Andrea asked if Mikayla would like to dance her ballet routine "Tiptoe through the Tulips" and her clogging routine "Buttercup". When we got there we also found out that they would be dancing their opening recital number that they learned at dance camp last year. Mommy, Daddy, Drew, Poppi, Aunt Jennie, and BJ were all there cheering Mikayla and the other dancers on! Our dancing queen and all of her friends did a wonderful job!! Abbi, Mikayla, and Jadyn perform their first place ballet routine "Tiptoe Through the Tulips".
One of my favorite parts of this dance. I'm not sure how Ms. Andrea gets them all to do this and remember their spots!! They do though - and they make it look easy!!Mikayla, Noah, Kimberly, Jadyn, and Timothy (far right) perform their clogging routine "Buttercup".
"You never call baby, when you say you will". I love this part of the dance when the girls are shakin' their hips!!
Then, Mikayla and all the girls and boys from last year's summer dance camp perform the opening number for this year's recital. Here Mikayla was doing a great job of staying with the bigger girls!!All of the dancers for the opening number routine. Mikayla was just a little ahead of them in this picture. At four she's the youngest of all of these dancers. Timothy and Jadyn are both five and then the others are 7 and up. All of our Rising Star Dance Company dancers did an amazing job dancing Saturday. We are so proud of them all!!

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