Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sweet Friends...

Wow! This has been a week - nothing bad, just busy!! Then I come on here and find I have been awarded, not once but four times! I'm not sure I'm deserving of all this, especially on weeks like this one where I haven't really been around much, but thank you all so much!!

Super Sweet Holly, over at Mama Pajama has awarded me with the Candied Apple Award! She thinks I'm one of the sweetest people she knows. Wow!! Holly is such a sweet person, it sure means a lot that she thinks the same of me!! I'd like to pass this along to s'more super sweet people (get it?).

My friends Becca, at BeccA's Buzz and Holly, at Mama Pajama have also given me the Community Blogger Award. This award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. You both sure know how to make a girl feel special!! If you've never visited their blogs you should check them out - you are in for a real treat! Now for the fun part, I tag the following people who truly make the blogger community a better one:

My friend Renee, at Renee's Ramblings awarded me the Sweet Treat Award. I think Renee is super sweet as well, and I love her blog (I'm sure you could tell that from above!) - another "treat" to visit! Here's how it works: 1. Once you've been awarded the Sweet Treat Award, make a post and award it to bloggers who you deem "One Sweet Treat to Read" everyday. 2. Make sure you inform those who you awarded that they have won! 3. Grab the button and proudly display it in your sidebar for all your old/new readers to see! You can read the history of this award at Trista's blog, The Pumkin Patch. There are tons of bloggers that fully deserve this award, and I have a hard time limiting (if you couldn't tell)! So here are those blogs I deem a "sweet treat to read everyday":

I also must say that I would have awarded one (or all) of these awards to Bridget at And Miles To Go... but she has already received each of these. On second thought, it doesn't hurt to receive an award twice, so Bridget, here you are. All of you ladies are special in so many ways. I look forward to reading your blogs daily! Take your awards and display them proudly!!


Shelby said...

oh THANK you!!!!

tegdirb92 said...

Thank you so much!! I am so excited--I actually haven't received the second one plus coming from your wonderful blog, it is truly an honor! I awarded you with the Wonder woman award yesterday so if you get a second, stop by and pick up your award :)

I love coming to your blog and seeing you beautiful children. I also want to thank you for stopping by today and sharing a bit of yourself in your comment on my post. I can definitely relate to what you wrote.

Have a wonderful weekend, Alison.


Theresa said...

wow congrats on all the awards - I agree you are very sweet :)
Thanks for thinking of me!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Thanks Alison. My post is up. Have a great day. :)

Sweet Treat Award

Renee's Ramblings said...

Alison- congrats to you on all your awards!! You are so deserving and your blog is wonderful!!

Wow! Thanks so much for awarding me all of these awards. I am deeply touched! You have blessed my week. Thank you so much! I'll post mine up in a few days.

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