Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fair 2007

One of my favorite times of year is fall - I love the colors, the smells, the weather, high school/college football games, etc. One of my favorite parts of fall is the annual fair that comes to town. I remember going every year as a little girl, and I want my children to experience this just as I did! I looked forward to going every year, and it always lived up to my expectations (I think this is because it's something that's consistent - same thing every year we knew what to expect). This has become a yearly tradition for our family. Some years we go more than once - I remember the year I had Mikayla we went three times (she was only 5 weeks old).
Tuesday night our family went to the fair. We told Drew and Mikayla that morning that we were going, so they looked forward to it all day. When I picked them up from Extra Edition, the first thing they asked was "when are we going". My dad, mom, sister, and Josh were going to meet us there. We came home for a quick "potty break" (while I love the fair I do not like the bathrooms there or really any public restroom for that matter), and then we were off.

As soon as we pulled in the parking lot the kids started squealing, and yelling "I see the rides, I see the rides". This to me is priceless - to see their excitement makes me even that much more excited (not hard since I love the fair too!).

Drew, Daddy, and Mikayla can't wait to get inside that gate!

Once we got inside, we ran into Garrett (was in my class last year, and played on the same baseball team with Drew) and his family. Mikayla, Drew, and Garrett ride the spinning bears.

Drew loves the bumper cars. Mikayla remembered that she didn't like riding this by herself at the beach this year, and didn't go on.

As we were waiting in line for the teacups, Annabeth (from dance) ran over to Mikayla. They were excited to ride this ride together!

Mikayla rode the roller coaster all by herself twice, and loved it. Check out that smile!

Drew likes the helicopters because they really "fly".

I LOVE Drew's face in this picture! It's like he's thinking "come on daddy do you have to act like that?" Everyone that knows Drew knows that he acts just like his daddy. In fact, his teacher said that to me today!

Here Drew and Mikayla ride the roller coaster together. They like to ride in front whenever possible, and they like to hold their hands up. Drew still doesn't look like he's having much fun here, but I promise he enjoyed himself!

Jennie and Mimi take a break as Drew and Mikayla enjoy the rides!

Mimi and Poppi look on with Drew and Mikayla as they see what the "new" bumper boats are all about!

Of course they both had to try them, and loved them! I don't think they wanted to get out. The whole time I was thinking I would not want to be the operator of this ride - they had to stand in the pool the whole time and help the boats move around.

One of my favorite pictures from the night. They were riding the boats that go around on a track (like the motorcycles) and just before the ride stopped I looked and they had their arms around each other (where they criss-crossed in the back), and I just had to get a picture! My children are perfect by no means, but when they are sweet, they are super, duper sweet!

Mikayla rode the "drop zone" for the first time this year. Drew was going to ride beside her, but decided to get off before the ride started. This is normally one of his favorites, so I'm thinking he was getting tired. Mikayla didn't mind riding by herself (without Drew), and rode it again and again. I think this was her favorite ride of the night. In the photo above she made a new friend while riding, and in the one below she is being brave (holding her arms up). This was hilarious to watch. She would hold her hands up while the ride went up but as soon as it dropped (more like bounced) down, she would grab the bar and scream! Too Cute!

Ooohhh my mom is going to get me for putting this picture on here, but I couldn't resist one of them eating. Part of the reason I LOVE going to the fair is for the food. My uncle has been at the fair the past two years selling food (he owns The Hot dog Cafe here in town), and we enjoy some of his.

After we ate it was time to see the animals - another one of my favorite parts. Drew and Mikayla look at the cows first!

Next we see the horses. Mikayla is telling Drew "he is gonna bite you"! He didn't bite. I think all the animals could smell the mustard/food on Drew's clothes because none were afraid of getting very close to him.

We all had a super time at the fair, and Mikayla was already asking to go back last night! I am glad we went when we did though because we saw last night/this morning on the news that they had raised the rates. When we went, it cost 5 dollars each for Craig and myself because we weren't riding anything. We paid 14 dollars each for Drew and Mikayla so they could have unlimited rides. We saw that as of yesterday, everyone paid 14 dollars to get in whether they rode rides or not. We saved 28 dollars just by going a day early. If they continue with those prices we may have to find another annual tradition...


BeccaGirl said...

What a great post!!! What great memories and traditions to have and share with the kiddos! I only have 1 question, did you make the bow in Mikayla's hair? LOL

Renee's Ramblings said...

Wow! This sounds like you all had so much fun! I can't wait till the one of the fairs come around here...we'll definitely be going!

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