Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heads or Tails # 10

This week is a Tails week with Heads or Tails. Barb over at Skittles Place has asked us to post a list of 10 things. So here are my 10:
10 of my favorite things about fall:
1. colors - leaves, decorations, clothes
2. weather - cooler, not so humid
3. football - I love going to high school and college (hopefully this year) football games
4. Festivals - fair, community festivals, and church festivals
5. Halloween - the excitement of children (and adults) as they done their costumes and anticipate the treats that are to come
6. shopping - we like to finish up our Christmas shopping for the kids in October, only leaving a few things to pick up at the "day after Thanksgiving sales"
7. pumpkins - the children each pick out one they think is perfect, they choose what to carve, and we help both of them carve (SO MUCH FUN!!)
8. food - candy apples, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, etc. which leads me right into my next one...
9.Thanksgiving - spending time with family and friends, the feast, and giving thanks for what I am so blessed to have
10. Anticipation of Christmas...
So there it is - my "10"! To see others who have participated you can click on the blogroll or visit Skittles.


Skittles said...

Finish your Christmas shopping? I bow to you.. LOL!

Head Gaggler said...

That's a great list. I relate to most of those, except for the shopping. We still have tons of thinking to do for Hanukkah this year. Kiddos to you!

Misty Dawn said...

Yeah, I'm with Skittles - FINISH shopping? Ha, I haven't even begun to think about it!

Andrée said...

These are blessings, too. I needed the reminder of these blessings because I have been focusing on the hardship of winter here, which took the beauty out of fall.

BeccaGirl said...

Girl, I never go to those day after Thanksgiving sales! YUCKO! You couldn't pay me to go! People are crazy that day, no way!

Hey, I've given you an award over on my blog, come get it, you deserve it!!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great list! Though I do avoid shopping on the day after Thanksgiving at all costs (if I can!).

When you get a chance, stop on by my blog. I have something there for you. Have a great weekend.

Mama Pajama said...

Great list! I'm not big on shopping, but I can't wait for cooler weather! Have a great weekend!

Mama Pajama said...

Great list! I'm not big on shopping, but I can't wait for cooler weather! Have a great weekend!

tegdirb92 said...

Oh boy I wish we live close because I would totally go with you for the Black Friday sales!! I am the one standing in line at 4:30 AM. Wouldn't it be really neat this year to get a camera shot of the crowds? HMMM I feel another blog post coming on here!!

Great list!

Theresa said...

great list- Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday- because it is all about getting together with family.

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