Monday, October 01, 2007

He Keeps Us on Our Toes!

Yesterday after church, Drew pulled another tooth on top (the one directly beside the one he pulled last weekend). This makes the fourth baby tooth he has lost so far. He gets so excited when he pulls them himself! He was going around all afternoon singing "All I want for Christmas is my front two teeth" - so cute, and quite true. I warned him against pulling anymore for awhile because I told him he wouldn't be able to chew his food. I don't think he has any more lose at this point!

Yesterday evening we went to Mimi and Poppi's house for supper. Drew climbed in the bed of Craig's truck as it was parked in the drive-way. Mikayla started asking to put the tailgate down. Drew, being the helpful big brother that he is, leaned over to open the tailgate (leaning on the tailgate as he did this). When the tailgate went down so did Drew. First, on his belly on the tailgate and then falling head first onto the drive-way. Craig and I were directly beside the truck but we couldn't get to the back in time to catch him. I was fearing the worst as I picked him up, as he had landed on his face (I thought it would be covered in blood). Luckily there was only minor marks on his face, but he immediately starts crying that his arm is broken. We took him in the house and got him to hold a bag of ice on it. When he was still favoring the arm after an hour or so and he wouldn't/couldn't move it much, we decided he needed to have it x-rayed. Craig brought Mikayla and I home because we weren't sure how long they would be at the emergency room. After x-rays the doctor determined that he had a bad sprain, and put his arm in this sling. Drew was still in some pain today, and he was still favoring that arm some. I told Craig to ask the doctor/nurse what we could do to limit his injuries - her response - "oh I'm afraid you've just begun, he is a boy". That didn't help me to feel better in the least. I am just so thankful he was not injured more - this accident could have been a lot worse!


Renee's Ramblings said...

Sounds scary! Glad y'all got through it okay. Hope Drew is feeling better.

Mama Pajama said...

Oh my goodness! Poor baby, he was trying to be helpful! I hope it is already getting better.

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