Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Heads or Tails # 8 - Stacks

Has it already been 8 weeks? Boy time flies when you are having fun. This week Barb over at Skittles' Place has chosen "stacks" for the theme. We can post on/interpret this any way we would like.
The first thing that came to mind when I think of stacks are the stacks of papers/such on my desk at work. I have recently begun reorganizing my books into cloth bins (themes, favorites, etc.). The process has not taken me as long as I thought it would and my bookshelves are looking very nice. The problem is I have several books that I'm just not sure about (which bin do I put them in). I also have that same problem with some "papers" - you know the thing you have "one" of and it doesn't seem to have a place. Those are just some of the things in "stacks" on my desk. My student teacher will be back tomorrow so I hope to have more of this taken care of then!


Brad said...

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Theresa said...

I know those stacks of paper to which you refer to all too well-luckily this year I have very small class sizes (although I have been keeping that very quiet)

Skittles said...

I hate those things that don't go with anything else! What are we supposed to do with them?

Mama Pajama said...

Miscellaneous box? Sp?
I'm not good with sorting. LOL

Shelby said...

i'm no good at sorting either..

Andrée said...

I know what you mean about the odd book, paper that can't be categorized. I gave up. Now everything goes in ONE pile and I worry about it when I need something from that pile.

Good solution? NOPE.LOL

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