Friday, August 04, 2006


Craig and I have never been good at keeping surprises (I've mentioned this before on here). He couldn't even wait when he proposed. I was still very surprised and he did it in a way that I will never forget, but it was not the date that he had planned. You see the 30th of each month had symbolic meaning in our relationship so he was going to propose on March 30th 2000. I guess he should have waited until that day to buy the ring. I'm surprised that he could fight the urge as long as he did, but he is a "little" better than me. Anyway, on March 14th I was pulled over for speeding. I was only given a warning, but it tore my nerves up. Craig seeing how upset I was about it surprised me that night by proposing. He had asked my dad for permission and all. When I got to his house, he brought out a bouquet of roses which I thought was a wonderful gesture to cheer me up. Balanced in the bouquet was a purple (my favorite color) egg (remember he was ready for March 30th). I said why is that egg in my flowers. He, already on both knees in front of me, said open it and see. When I opened the egg, my ring fell out and he asked me to be his wife! Through tears I answered a definite YES! Even though it did not happen on the 30th, it was perfect!

Since then, we have been pretty notorius for giving gifts to each other and our children as soon as we have them. My mom's favorite saying is "It's not Christmas/birthday". The latest surprise given early was Mikayla's birthday present. Her birthday is not until August 28th, but we gave her her present last weekend. Drew got a red Power Wheels jeep from Santa Claus the year the he was 3. Mikayla has just gotten to where she is able to reach the pedals to drive it. She enjoyed driving it so much, I wanted to get her one. They had a princess Solstice convertible that she liked at Walmart so that's what we planned to get her. When we went to get it, they only had the display model out in the store. We were going to ask someone if they had any in stock, when we noticed red mustang converitble. They did not have one on the display race, but the picture on the box looked nice. Those who know me know that I have always loved Mustangs, so this was perfect. We got the mustang and headed home so daddy could put it together (Craig just loves all these toys you put together!) We couldn't wait to give it to her of course so she got her "surprise" birthday present that very day! I'm sure that she will have a li'l something to open on her birthday from big brother Drew.

Mikayla tries out her li'l red sports car!

Drew tries to give his little sister some driving lessons!

She's lovin' it!

Mikayla lets Drew have another turn driving, while she adjusts the radio. I'm not kiddin' this thing has everything. The horn works, the radio plays music, the engine revs, and more! I can't believe the things they come out with now!

And she's off again!

Drew's jeep was not completely charged so I didn't get pictures of them both driving at the same time. I hope to get some on here soon!

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