Saturday, August 19, 2006

Drew's First Week of School!

Drew seemed to have a great first week of school. He (and mom too) are adjusting to being in the same building together all day. Last year he did not leave his 4k classroom very often so I didn't worry about what he would do when he saw me in the hall. This year, however, he leaves the classroom every day for lunch, activities, etc. We talked to Drew and reminded him that even when he sees mommy he has to stay in line with the rest of his class. We even developed a "secret wave". This works pretty well but his teachers tell me he gets a little upset when I don't see the "secret wave". I have noticed this to because if I'm busy with my class and don't see him waving he proceeds to yell out "hey mommy". This caused some problems this week when he yelled that out during a fire drill. I had to tell him that my boys and girls couldn't talk during a fire drill and he couldn't either. I think that the next fire drill will go a little smoother for him!

I also have to remember that he is just starting on this journey called "school", and that he is not going to be perfect! He is going to do a lot of the same things the boys and girls in my classroom do at the beginning of the year. No matter how well we try to prepare our children for this, until they are in the classroom with their teachers, they won't really know what to expect! I tell my parents all the time, please don't worry about warnings every now and then especially at the beginning of the year because they have to learn the procedures. Drew's teacher, Mrs. Batson (who was also my mentor), told me I have to remember that too! She made me feel a lot better!! He is such a sweet little boy who loves to please others, but he is definitely all BOY! His favorite part of school so far has been recess, centers, and P.E. He also enjoys going to Extra Edition (our school's after-school program)! My sister works there, and even though she's not with his age group, he still gets to see her every day!

Overall, his first week of school has gone very well. He is learning, making friends, and having fun - which of course is most important! As long as he has fun at school he will always enjoy it!!

***On a side note - Mommy's first week of school also went very well! My students even surprised me yesterday with many birthday "goodies"! Today is my 27th birthday and I was overwhelmed with all of the surprises yesterday. Several parents and students went in together to give me a 50 dollar gift card to Applebee's, others surprised me with candles, lotions, bath gels and such, a decorative flag, and even a dozen pink roses! The children (some parents and grandparents too!) were all so sweet to come in the room yesterday morning wishing me a Happy Birthday! It really made my day yesterday. In fact, one of my parents saw me in the hall and she said "you can't stop smiling can you?". I can't thank them enough!!

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