Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mikayla's Birthday Party!

When we decided to have Mikayla's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, we knew we didn't want to have it on a weekend. We decided to have it on the night of her birthday. This turned out to be a wonderful choice. It was not crowded at all. In fact, Mikayla was the only "scheduled" party they had last night. I say "scheduled" because there were a few other children there for their birthdays, but they were either there with just family or family and a few friends so they didn't purchase the birthday package. We wanted the hostess (most importantly) and all the fixin's for Mikayla since this is a one time thing so we went with the package. It is really a wonderful deal considering they decorate, serve, supply the cake, entertain, and clean up! All the parents do is sit back and relax!! Mikayla enjoyed being treated like a princess for sure! There were 11 children and 18 adults who joined us in celebrating Miki's birthday. The pictures below (sorry, they are in no particular order) show the fantastic time we had! We sure are glad we got to spend Mikayla's day with several of our family and friends.

Adam, Macy, Kylie, Kylie's mom, Ms. Heather (Mikayla's teacher at daycare), and Lauren enjoy their pizza!
Mikayla and the other children dance with Chuck E. In this picture you can see Drew, Adam, Mikayla, and Macy.
Mikayla is being held by the hostess of her party as Chuck E. Cheese and everyone else sings Happy Birthday to her! She definitely got the "royal treatment".
Mikayla rides the jet ski with her "boyfriend" Cole as Cole's mom and dad look on. Every day when we ask Mikayla what she did at daycare she answers "I played with Cole!" Cole's mom and I talked about arranging a play date in the near future!
Right before we left for home, I got a picture of Drew and Mikayla with their Mimi and Poppi! My dad was singing in this picture in case you were wondering about his funny face (he thinks I take WAY too many pictures)! Drew and Mikayla don't seem to mind!
Craig and Drew at Drew's favorite place in Chuck E. Cheese. He stayed on this ride practically the whole time! If you added up the total time spent on this it was close to one hour (not consecutively of course as he had to give other people a chance to ride).
Mikayla with her Aunt Jennie...She sure loves her aunt!
Drew and Mikayla dance a little before the party starts!
Mikayla smiles for the camera as we wait for her friends to arrive! She sure looks happy doesn't she?
These are the invitations that I made for Mikayla's birthday party! I am not that crafty, but I love to scrap book and anything with pictures, so making these was fun! They seemed to be a big hit with everyone, as several people commented about how cute they were!

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