Friday, August 11, 2006

Drew's First Day of School!!

Yesterday was Drew's first day of Kindergarten! We have waited all summer for this day! Drew was more excited about it than I was - it was hard for me to think about my baby going to school! Even though he is at my school and in the classroom next door to mine I was experiencing anxiety (lots of questions)!! Would he be enthusiastic about staying the first day, or would he have trouble when I got ready to leave? Would he know any of the boys/girls in his class? Would he behave? etc. All parents are faced with these questions as their little ones start to school. Being a kindergarten teacher I am faced with these situations every year, but this year it was with my own child! We have talked about this all summer with Drew. We also practiced some with his reading, writing, math, etc. to help him prepare. Drew has always been enthusiastic about learning and he likes to please so I wasn't really worried about academics - I have years for that right? We spent last week reading Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come because I think this is a great book that gives students (and parents) an idea of what to expect!

The night before Drew's first day of school!

Craig, Mikayla, and I all went with Drew to his classroom yesterday morning. He was already very familiar with the school and his classroom since he's been in those halls since he was in a baby carrier. He was also in four year old kindergarten there last year. I still wanted to see his reaction as he entered his classroom that first day! I wasn't able to stay long because I had to get to my classroom to welcome my students, but he didn't need me to stay long. I had to call him over to me to get a goodbye hug and kiss! At the end of the day I asked his teacher, Mrs. Batson, how he was. She said that he had a good day. When I picked Drew up from Extra Edition, our school's after school program, he said he had a great day. He had to tell me all about it. It was so funny to listen to him tell stories about his day! His teacher was my mentor my first year and when he was telling the stories I could imagine her saying/doing those things! The best part was that he couldn't wait to go back today!!

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