Sunday, August 27, 2006

Go Bulldogs!!!

Friday night we took Drew and Mikayla to the first football game of the season at Boiling Springs High School. I graduated from BSHS in 1997, and I always love going to the games as it reminds me of my time in high school! Even though we have never been a top contender for any football championships (at least not since I have been around), those boys give it their all every Friday night. And the fan support is unbelievable! We know it is only a matter of time before our dawgs are a huge contender!

We have been taking Drew since he was in a baby carrier. My sister was in 9th grade when he was born and she was in the marching band. We went to every home game with him in tow. He wasn't even 2 months old when he attended his first Boiling Springs game. When Mikayla came along my sister was no longer in the band so we didn't attend every home game, but we always attended several a year! I guess as long as I'm able to I will attend several games a year - more if I could talk Craig into going! That is not his favorite past time - he is more into college football and since BSHS is not his alma mater he's not into it like I am!

The first game of the season at Boiling Springs is always big and the stadium is always packed. This year proved no different. When we got there the front lawn was full and people were already beginning to park on the side of the road. Luckily we found a place in the grass so we didn't have to park on the road. When we got up to the gate, there was a line back to the front door of the school. Since I have to go to the other gate to use my id to get in free (I work in the school district), we decided to see if that line was shorter. It was, but only a little. I went on in the stadium to look for seats while Craig, Drew, Mikayla, and my sister Jennie waited to buy tickets. I had no luck finding seats but by the time I got back to the gate, they were coming in. The only seats we were able to find were at the top right beside the band. This really didn't bother us since both my sister and I are former band students.

The first half of the game we did not have much to cheer about as Chapman was leading. Then in the second half our bulldogs rallied for the win. Overall, it was a great game full of excitement! Drew and Mikayla were having a ball watching the players, cheerleaders, mascot, and band. By the end of the game though, they were getting sleepy. When we tried to leave in the middle of the fourth quarter to get them home and in the bed, we found we were blocked in. We should have just stayed for the rest of the game. Drew and Mikayla were pretty excited to hear that our bulldogs won!

*I tried uploading 2 pictures of Drew and Mikayla at the game, but blogger is being a bugger and for some reason I wasn't able to. Maybe I can get them uploaded later!

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