Thursday, July 27, 2006

The End of Our Summer Break

It feels like forever since I have updated! We were very busy last week enjoying our last full week of summer vacation (for me anyway). My first day back at school was yesterday, but school does not start for students until August 10th. We have been out to lunch with daddy since this is not something we get to enjoy during the school year, swimming in Mimi and Poppi's pool, playing with A.J., and Drew and Mikayla even helped me some in my classroom.

Drew and Mikayla love going to the school, and in fact even ask to go! It probably has something to do with the fact that there are so many "toys" there. As one of the other kindergarten teachers said, it's like an indoor playground! They were real troopers, and I really got a great deal accomplished!

Mikayla smiles pretty while we were enjoying lunch with daddy last week!

Drew relaxes on one of the beanbags in my classroom! I know it's not a great picture (it was taken with my old camera), but you get the idea!

This week, Drew and Mikayla started back to daycare. They went Monday and Tuesday so I could get a little more done in my classroom, and so that they could get back in routine since they've been home all summer with mommy! Then on Wednesday, I kept them with me again (I was missing them terribly!!). We went to Mimi and Poppi's house to swim! Mimi had called us to come over because two of her friends from work were going to be there with their children. By the time we got over there, Brandy was there with Destiny and Caleb and Mandy was there with Alexis. We were also surprised to see Becky, a longtime family friend who I haven't seen since Mikayla was a baby. The children were having a blast in the pool, while the adults (also in the pool) were mostly talking. (Ha - big surprise with five women huh?) I should have remembered to take my camera so I could have gotten pictures. Even without pictures, I think it is something that Drew and Mikayla will remember for awhile. This morning, Mikayla asked to go swimming with Destiny and Alexis!

Yesterday, Drew and Mikayla went back to daycare as it was the first day for teachers to be back to work. They really did very well this week. Mikayla got upset a little which surely didn't help mommy, but overall they enjoyed being back. Drew's class went skating yesterday, and he said he had a lot of fun. I asked him what kind of skates he wore and he told me the "big" ones (not plastic). He must have had fun (and wore himself out) because when I picked them up yesterday afternoon he was sound asleep on the floor! Mikayla has been asking to go skating ever since, so I am sure we will be at the skating rink soon!

Today, Drew and Mikayla are spending the day with mommy again (one last day before the new school year is rolling). We have spent the morning playing, watching t.v., coloring, drawing, and writing. Drew is practicing to write sentences, while Mikayla is learning to write her name and color "inside the lines". I am so proud of her as Mikayla is a long name to write. She can write the letters M - i - a - l - a legibly by herself, but still needs a little help with k and y (those are hard letters to write!) I also can't believe how much Drew is accomplishing! My little boy is not only reading simple stories, but also writing simple sentences! They are growing up so fast. We thank God every day for our little miracles, and for helping them grow!

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