Saturday, July 01, 2006

Daddy and Poppi Swim Too!

We went to Mimi and Poppi's house after supper tonight, and we got in the pool for a little while. Craig, the kids and I were all in the pool when Mimi and Poppi got home. Mimi started watering her flowers, but Poppi went in and put his bathing suit on and came swimming with us. Craig says its the first time he's ever seen him in the pool; it's amazing what you'll do for your grandkids! As usual Drew was ready to jump right in; he reminds me of my brother. Mikayla was still a little hesitant, but she didn't cry like she did yesterday and warmed up a little faster.Drew loves to swim with daddy! They would race back to the steps every time Drew jumped off the diving board.Mikayla sits on the steps while mommy takes pictures. I tried to get her to jump to Craig so I could get a picture, but she wouldn't. She wouldn't swim with daddy either. I was quicker with this picture as Drew jumps off the diving board (see post below).Mikayla "cruises" along the side of the pool. She's getting pretty brave! I still couldn't get her to jump off the diving board to me, but she probably will by the end of the summer!Drew swims with his Papa! It has been a long time since my dad has been in the pool. By this time, Drew had switched to arm floaties. Poppi helps Mikayla float on her back, as Drew gets ready to float on his.

Drew does a flip in the water. Poppi did a flip first, and then Drew had to learn how to do one. He had to take his floats off before he could try. It took him about four tries before he was able to do one. Once he learned, he kept doing them over and over!

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