Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fun With the Youth!!

Since my sister, Jennie, graduated from high school in 2005, she is no longer considered a "youth", but because we are a small church with many of our college-age members away at college (Jennie attends USC Upstate here in Spartanburg) she is still involved in the youth program.

Last Friday night she invited the youth from our church over to her house to swim, with permission from my mom and dad of course.Jennie wanted Craig and I to bring the kids to swim too! Our youth director, Randy, and his wife Jodie have three young sons and Jennie knew they would all enjoy playing together.

Drew, Mikayla, and I headed over to my mom and dad's house Friday at 6:30 (per Jennie's orders - Ha!). My sister's boyfriend, Josh, and his sister Casey were already there when we got there. Several other "youth" arrived shortly after we did. When Randy and Jodie arrived with Wesley, Eli, and Kollin Drew and Mikayla were ecstatic. Eli is in Drew's Sunday School class, and Kollin and Mikayla are in the 1-3 year old Sunday School Class that I teach.

Immediately the children were ready to head out to the pool, while the youth wanted to stay in the house and enjoy snacks first. The children waited patiently and enjoyed snacks along with the youth and adults.

We headed out to the pool where all the guys, including Randy, had a "smackfest" with the noodles. It was all in good fun, but Randy told me Sunday morning at church he had red stripes on his back when he got home. I wasn't surprised. They calmed down once the children got in. Craig came over after he got off work, but never got in the pool. Instead, he came outside for a short time, then went back in the house to watch t.v. with my dad. Once we had gotten out of the pool and changed into dry clothes, Craig did "wrestle" with the children. They were all having so much fun none of them wanted to leave, including our two.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. We have such a wonderful youth program at our chuch, and it was nice to fellowship with them. Drew, Kollin, and Mikayla can't wait to get in the pool.

"Davis" practices his swing while the children (Kollin, Wesley, Drew, and Eli) play in the pool.

***I had more pictures to add but blogger is not cooperating - maybe I can add them later!


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