Sunday, July 09, 2006

Drew's Birthday Party!

We had Drew's birthday party at our house last night. It was a simple party with family and friends enjoying hamburgers, hotdogs, and beautiful weather. It took Drew awhile to decide where to have his party. At first he wanted to have a pool party at his Mimi and Papa's house. This surprised me because he had been wanting a bowling party. Then, he decided to have his party at our house so his friends could play with all of his toys. There was plenty for them to do as you will notice in the pictures of the post below. I guess they wouldn't all fit in one post!

I love this picture of Mimi, Aunt Laura, Uncle Ted, Papa, and Uncle Jonathan talking while Craig cooks in the background! They found shade where they could still watch the kids play. After we had all finished eating, Drew began opening his presents!

After the Party!!!
Papa stayed for a little while after everyone else had left. Drew and Mikayla did not want him to leave so he came inside to play.

Papa tickles Mikayla!

Then, Mikayla tickles Papa!

Daddy, Mikayla, Papa, and Drew play with the Hot Wheels toy that Dylan had given him and the Power Ranger train Megazord that Mimi and Papa had gotten him.
Jennie and Josh came back after a quick trip to Walmart. Jennie had gotten Drew an outfit for his birthday (complete with a hat), and she went to find him some sandals to wear with it.
Mikayla sits with Jennie and Josh! Drew would not stop playing long enough to get in the picture.

Drew had a wonderful birthday party! The weather was beautiful (wonderfully mild day for July), lots of family and friends enjoying each other's company, and good food! In fact I told Craig that, in my opinion, this was the best party Drew has had with the exception of Grandpa and Grandma not being here! We both agreed that Grandpa was definitely with all of us today, and that Grandma would have been here had she not had to work.


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