Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our Fourth of July

We spent the morning of the fourth relaxing as a family. It was nice having Craig home with us during the week.

We were also able to get a little done around the house. Craig trimmed our shrubs and worked outside getting ready for Drew's birthday party this weekend, and I did some laundry.

After we napped (so we wouldn't fall asleep before the fireworks), we got ready to go to Family Fest. My uncle's church has been having this for the past few years, and it is great for families. They have rides, food, entertainment, vendors, etc. Then at night they have a huge fireworks show. We have gone to this for the past four years, and our family always has fun.

The first thing our family does when we get there is hit the rides. Drew loves these, Mikayla is not as fond of them. Drew walks across the bridge in the "fun house".Riding on the back of the roller coaster.
Drew peeks over the side of the pirate ship. He rode with a little girl that I had in my class two years ago and her sister.
This is the only ride Mikayla rode all night but she still had a ball. Check her out with her hotdog.

Drew has to get his fixed perfectly before he can enjoy!

We've ridden rides, our bellies are full, now we wait for the fireworks.

The first time we watched fireworks this year, Mikayla ended up watching them from our van (she didn't like the noise). By this time (we also watched fireworks Monday night), she was watching them in our arms without even covering her ears!


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