Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birthday Part II

*This is a continuation from the post below.

After playing with AJ, we went inside to get some things ready for Drew's party. Drew and Mikayla helped me make the center pieces to go on the tables. We are going to put small fishbowls at each table. We will put a goldfish inside each and tie balloons around the neck of each bowl. Each child that attends the party will leave with one of these (if it is okay with their parents, of course). Today we put the "gravel" in the bottom of each bowl and filled them with water. We will get the goldfish tomorrow night so they will be ready on Saturday. I wish I had gotten some pictures of Drew and Mikayla filling the bowls with "gravel", but I didn't have enough hands. They needed my help with the heavy bag. After we finished, Drew and Mikayla watched Madagascar while I cleaned the kitchen. We had made a mess with the "gravel", but the experience for Drew and Mikayla was sure worth it.

Drew also filled all of the bowls with water.

Once those were made, we played a little longer inside while we waited on daddy to get home from work. Then we went to Walmart to get a few things, went and got some supper, and came back home to eat. Poppi came over to enjoy a cupcake with us. We have ordered a birthday cake for his party Saturday, but we decided to get cupcakes for tonight. Poppi also brought over one of the presents that he and Mimi had gotten Drew so he would have something to open tonight. They got Drew the Power Ranger Megazord he had been wanting! Drew had to have it opened of course so he could play.

Drew, Poppi, and Daddy all try to figure out how to put the Megazord together. Mommy was the one to finally figure it out. Imagine that!

After playing outside more (Poppi wanted to see AJ), we came in and had cupcakes. It wasn't long after Poppi left and Drew was sacked out in the recliner. We have had such a busy day. We hope that you have had a great day Drew! We love you and feel blessed to have had 5 wonderful years with you. We look forward to many great things to come!!


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