Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Halloween 2009 at the Beach!!

In October, Nana and Papa Fred invited all the kids and all the "grands" to the beach over Halloween weekend to celebrate Papa Fred's birthday and to trick-or-treat at the beach. Nana, Papa, Craig's Uncle Ovid, Fred's daughter, Nikki and her family, Fred's son, Dig, Craig's brother, Chris and his family, Craig's brother, Jason and his family, and our family had the most fun spending time together and watching the kids play!! I wasn't sure if Ocean Lakes would ever be the same after having all of us there at one time, but all the kids played exceptionally well together, and the adults had wonderful conversations!! I have a lot of pictures of this trip, so I will be making more than one post.One of the things that the kids, Craig, and I were looking forward to was carving our pumpkins. We took two pumpkins with us (one for Drew and one for Mikayla, of course), with the plan to carve them right on the beach! One of my friends from school shared that she and her family had done the same the year before, so the kids couldn't wait! Mikayla and Drew look on as daddy does the carving.

They told daddy just what they wanted, and he produced the perfect faces for their jack-o-lanterns!

The finished product!!

They fed the pumpkin seeds to the seagulls!!

We had so much fun on the shores of SC!! More pictures coming soon...

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