Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fun at Lake Lure!!

One Saturday last summer, our family decided to take a trip up to Lake Lure to enjoy the beach! I had never been before, but my sister and her boyfriend had gone the weekend before and talked about how fun it was. Uncle Ronnie had also called Craig and told him he was going with Hannah the same day so we decided to ride up there and try it out!! It was a beautiful day, and I was surprised that it was not more crowded. Don't get me wrong, there were lots of people there, but I really expected it to be more so!! We spent most of our time at the "beach", but I don't have any pictures of us in the water because we were all out there together - the four of us!!Drew and Mikayla had fun playing in the fountains and "water buckets"! Getting soaked didn't bother them any!Drew and Craig couldn't wait to try the water slides!!Mikayla opted out of these, and instead, spent more time in the fountains!!One of the many times that Drew came down the slide. He looks like he is just sitting on the slide in this picture, but he was actually moving and kept zooming into the water.One of the times Craig went down the slide. Don't let him fool ya - he is having as much fun as Drew!

After having fun at the "beach", we walked across the street to have dinner. I couldn't resist taking pictures while we waited on our food!
Craig LOVED this - can't you tell?!?!?!
Mikayla and Drew love to drink the little cups of half and half - oh, the things kids do...regardless of that, I love this picture of her. The face she is making cracks me up!!
Our family had lots of fun during our "day at the beach" (for those that don't know and couldn't tell from the pictures, it is really a lake), and we plan to go back some this summer!!

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