Sunday, June 20, 2010

County Fair 2009

Last October, our family went to the fair just as we have always done every year. It was very cold the night we went so there weren't many people there. That made it nice because there were not any lines for the rides. Drew and Mikayla (and mommy and daddy, too) could enjoy all the rides they wanted to. At the 2008 fair, Mikayla had asked that I ride the teacups with her, but I didn't think that I would fit. So, her daddy rode the ride with her, but I promised my girl that night that I would ride the teacups with her at the fair next year (2009). That was my motivation the whole time as I was losing weight!! I kept my eye on those teacups and the promise that I had made to my sweet five year old girl!! Well, at the 2009 fair, they didn't have the teacups. I couldn't believe it - but they did have this "Dragon Tales" version so I was able to ride them with my sweet girl and my sweet boy. Daddy takes a picture of us before the ride starts. Our family had a wonderful evening at the fair enjoying all the rides, animals, and fair food!! Poppi and Jennie even surprised us by showing up as we made our first round of the rides. They were excited to watch Drew and Mik on the rides and playing the games. It was the most fun!! Poppi and Mikayla with the hat that she won!!

My sweet baby girl rides the train with her brother!

Daddy, Drew, and Mikayla had fun riding this elephant. Mommy opted out of this ride!

Now Poppi poses with Mikayla wearing the hat she won!!

Drew pets the HUGE snake.

Craig and Drew ride the big slide!

We always visit the animal barn and Drew and Mikayla always love getting close to all the different animals!

Mommy looks on as Drew and Mikayla ride the carousel horses.

Drew LOVES the roller coaster.

Mikayla LOVES the motorcycles, but only the pink ones!!

Drew rides the bumper cars.

On the elephant again.

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Melanie said...

I am so glad you are blogging again! I have missed reading about your sweet family!


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