Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mikayla in the newspaper!

This afternoon I got a call from Mikayla's dance instructor, Miss Andrea, to tell me that Mikayla's picture was in the paper today. We receive a hometown news publication every Wednesday, and Miss Andrea had put an advertisement in it using Mikayla's picture. I was very surprised, and I couldn't wait to bring in our paper to check it out! Sure enough, on the second page, there was an ad for Rising Star Dance Company with a big picture of Mikayla smiling in it! This was taken by Miss Andrea during one of her dance classes. If you look closely you can see that she has her hat on from her penguin costume (to see the complete costume, scroll down). I love the saying at the top - Where Great Dancers Start Small! Mikayla started with Miss Andrea last year when she was 2, and Miss Andrea, Miss Nicole, and Miss Hailey have done an outstanding job helping her become a dancer! They have lots of patience with the little ones, and they give lots of one on one attention - even at times toting Mikayla during dance class! I'm sure Mikayla will continue to grow as a dancer under the guidance of Miss Andrea and Miss Nicole! We think she's already a pretty great little dancer - especially at just 3!!

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