Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baseball Game # 1 (I'm counting the jamboree as a scrimmage)

Drew had his first baseball game last night. Since Mikayla had just had surgery, I decided that I would stay with her and let Craig take Drew to his game. Poppi, Mimi, Jonathan, and Jessica were also going. I had Craig take my camera (which he hated - it makes him feel like a tourist) so I would at least get to see the game in pictures. I also asked him to call me with updates! I just knew Drew was going to play one of his best games and I was going to miss it!Drew gets ready to catch some balls! Check out that stance!Drew (number 12) waits with his teammates in the dugout for his turn to bat.
Drew, the first batter of the inning, patiently waits for the other team to get ready so his coach can pitch.He hit a single! He actually hit three in this game, scoring some RBIs. Everyone commented on how hard Drew was hitting - Craig, Daddy, Coach Craig. Daddy even said one of Drew's hits would have gone to the fence had a player on the other team not knocked the ball down with his body.An extremely focused Drew gets ready to run home!
Our future Major - League player! His last time at bat during this game - he went 3 for 3 in this game! His team won 18 - 9! Way to go Red Sox!!

I was sad that I missed this great game - Craig said the other team was really good too! I was right where I needed to be though last night. Miki really wanted to go last night, but I was too afraid for her to be out in the cool weather!
Drew has many more games this season that she and I will make it too!

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