Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!! (and more)

The past week has been an extremely busy week for our family. We had dance Monday and Tuesday night. Then Wednesday was my mom's birthday. We called her Wednesday morning to sing to her, and then we all headed out the door. Drew had been complaining of a tummy ache all morning and had even gotten sick in the middle of the night Tuesday, but because he never ran a fever I asked him to try to make it at school as long as he could. My assistant was not scheduled to return to school until Thursday (she had been in NC for a week visiting with her son and his family as they welcomed a new baby girl), and I didn't want to leave the classroom with two substitutes. When we got to school, his tummy was not feeling any better so we ended up leaving shortly after we arrived. He never ran a fever and he was feeling better by Wednesday evening. We even went over to my mom and dad's house that night to give Mimi her birthday gifts. Mom seemed to really enjoy her day (I hope to have my pictures on here soon)!
On Thursday, we were back at school and I got Mikayla registered for 4 year old kindergarten. Thursday was so rainy, but on Friday it was beautiful. After school (while daddy finished up at work) we went to the park with Bryson and Breanna. We had a wonderful time, and I was so grateful that Nanda asked if we would like to join them. Drew practiced baseball with Mr. Jim and Bryson while Nanda and I played with the girls on the swings and slides. We all had a wonderful time. You would know I didn't have my camera with me for this - I could have gotten some precious pictures!
On Saturday, we had our first baseball practice. We were hoping that Drew and Bryson would be on the same baseball team this year, but that didn't work out. I am so grateful that Drew will be playing on Coach Craig Bishop's team again this year. Coach Craig was Drew's first coach on an organized team, and since Coach Tim (from last year) was not moving up this year we had been praying for Coach Craig. He is an amazing coach who is wonderful with the kids. He has so much patience, and it is about more than competition with him. He teaches his kids teamwork, cooperation, and he believes that they are all winners when they are trying their best and having fun. That is what is most important to Craig and I as parents as well. I was so relieved when we found out that Craig was able to get him on his team. At the first practice we got a chance to meet the players on Drew's team and the parents. Drew knew a lot of the guys from his first year, but he didn't play with them last year because they all moved up. Two of the little boys on Drew's team are in my class at school - Sumner (Coach Craig's son), and Garrett. They both played with Drew his first year. Drew also played with Brendon his first year - his mom and I reminisced about how he and Drew were. The other little boys on his team we did not know before Saturday, but they all had such wonderful personalities. Drew had a wonderful time with coaches Craig and Jeff, and really enjoyed working with the guys on his new team! I could really see how much he has grown since his first year. We are enthusiastically looking forward to this year!! I don't have pictures from this first practice because I left my camera in the car - I will have some of his practice this week!
After baseball, we went to get lunch and then took Mikayla to dance practice. Ms. Andrea has been scheduling several Saturday rehearsals to get all of the dancers in the studio at the same time to practice the finale dance for recital. These rehearsals seem to be going pretty well. At first Mikayla would get nervous because the older girls were in there with her, but now she has gotten more used to it. Ms. Andrea commented Saturday that the little ones were really doing a good job - they attempt everything the older girls are doing! We can't wait for recital!!
After we got home we cleaned the house then went outside to wash my van. There was red mud (from the practice baseball fields of course) on the outside and inside of the van and it was driving me crazy! Once we had a clean van, we all got cleaned up to go out to dinner!
We had such a busy week last week and this one is already filling up with many activities. I hope to have my camera with me more this week though!!

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