Sunday, March 04, 2007

Last Basketball Game for 2007

Yes we are still here - I'm sure some were wondering because of the lack of recent posts. We have been super busy here, but my goal is to do a better job of updating more frequently. If not, I'm afraid I'll get so far behind I'll never get caught up. You see, our two little ones - our angels - have been keeping us on the run. Drew finished up basketball last Saturday, February 24th (see pictures below of his final game of the season), and then moved directly to baseball with his first practice being yesterday. Mikayla is also keeping us busy with her dancing. So... Oh yea, did I forget to mention that Craig is also working 70+ hours per week. That's happening so much lately - I'm forgetting things. Since I typically have a terrific memory, it is very aggravating to be so forgetful!! I still feel so very blessed to have my hard-working husband, and my two precious angels. I'm loving every minute (okay almost every minute) of being a wife and mommy!
The lights went out in the gym directly before Drew's game started. They started their game in the dark, but the lights were back on shortly after their game started. Oh yea - notice all the posters hanging on the wall. Since it was the last game of the season, they had spirit day and invited parents/families to make posters for their favorite Upward player/cheerleader. Guess which mommy forgot? You guessed it - Drew did not have a poster hanging up for his last game. Talk about a mommy feeling terrible. It helped a little that four out of the six players on Drew's team (including Drew) did not have signs, but I still should have remembered! Grrrrr
I'm just glad he wasn't upset!!! Drew dribbles down to get ready to shoot. The little guy that blocked him during this game was the son of the coach for the other team. He was blocking Drew really well the whole game. Every time Drew got the ball the coach for the other team would say "that's long shot" and his son would get on Drew. I guess he remembered Drew making all those long shots this year. It was great fun to watch.Mikayla and Poppi love watching and cheering for Drew! Drew dribbles the ball down court. Go Drew Go!!Drew gets ready to take his shot - it was good! He didn't get to shoot as many shots during this game because of the good blocking by the other team, but he made most of the ones he shot!All the players listen and watch as the coach of the other team lets one of his players make a shot. That's the great thing about Upward - all children are winners no matter what!

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