Monday, March 12, 2007

Dance Competition!

On Sunday, March 11, Mikayla participated in her first dance competition - the Showbiz National Dance Competition! I was worried that she wouldn't dance since the last few times her Company has danced, she has not participated. She says she doesn't like them people looking at her! Boy was I surprised to see her on that HUGE stage doing exactly what the two older girls were doing!! Craig and I were purchasing some dance parent merchandise when I heard her music come on. I said "THAT'S HER", and Craig said yea and she's on stage. Luckily it wasn't very crowded as Mikayla's group was the first to dance. We went running down the aisle along with Mimi and Jennie, cameras in hand snapping pictures the whole way. She did such an outstanding job along with Abbi and Annabeth!! After they danced, we watched as the other little girls competed in the Petite and Junior categories. After the other girls finished Mikayla along with Abbi, Annabeth, and all the other girls and boys went on stage for the awards. Mikayla's group received first place in the 4 and under category (Abbi and Annabeth are 4 and Mikayla is 3). They were the youngest girls who competed Sunday. They received a trophy for the studio and first place ribbons for the girls to bring home. After all of the places were announced, they announced the top 10 groups with the highest scores. In the eight and under division, Mikayla's group placed 10th. We couldn't have been more proud of our girls!! Especially since all of the other girls in the top 10 were 6 or older!!!! Our girls even scored higher than some of the other groups with older girls. Ms. Andrea showed me their score cards tonight after dance and our girls scored a total of 270 points out of 300 - each judge gave them a 90 out of 100!! Woohooo! What an accomplishment! Go girls!!! We just kept telling Mikayla how proud we are of her - she says she can't wait to dance on that stage again!! Abbi, Annabeth, and Mikayla compete as they perform on stage to Superstar Give my Regards to Broadway.

Here they are as they finished their routine - woohoooo GO GIRLS!!

Mikayla, Abbi, and Annabeth go up to receive their award for placing in the top ten overall!

Abbi, Annabeth, and Mikayla pose for a picture with all their awards! We are so proud of our girls!!

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