Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drew's Jamboree

Last Saturday was another busy Saturday with Drew and Mikayla! Mikayla had dance from 11:30-1:00 to practice for the finale dance at recital. Then we were to be at the ball fields for Drew's jamboree at 2:30.

Mikayla did well at dance once she got back in the studio with Miss Nicole! The Saturday practices are optional, but Miss Andrea encourages everyone to attend because its the only chance that all of her students get to practice the finale together. Today, only four girls including Mikayla attended and the other girls were a lot older than Mikayla. That made her nervous at first, but once she got back there she was okay. I didn't take my camera, but I peaked in a couple of times and she was dancing right along with those 8-12 year olds trying everything they were doing! I am happy to announce that another picture of Mikayla and her friends dancing in the competition can be found on the Showbiz Talent Website. When you get to the site click on the button on the bottom right for the photo gallery, then click on Spartanburg and pictures should come up. If you click through their picture is toward the back since they danced on the second day! It's a great shot - a close up that I missed!

Drew was so excited about his game he couldn't stand it! That's the only thing he had talked about all day so when we arrived at the fields he was ready to go. He and daddy threw some balls while they waited on the team before us to finish. Mikayla and I went over to watch as Bryson was playing. Mikayla wanted to play with Breanna, and I wanted to watch one of my students! After their game was finished, it was Drew's turn to head out onto the field. They all looked so cute in their uniforms - and they all looked so much alike I had a hard time telling them apart!

Drew's team were out in the field first. Drew gets ready to catch some balls. Unfortunately the team they played Saturday didn't have anyone to get a ball to the outfield so Drew was pretty bored! I'm sure we will play some teams that will give Drew a workout!

Drew gets ready to bat for the first time in the Mites League. I thought Drew might have a hard time since he had never played in a game with umpires before. Here he doesn't look nervous at all!

Drew hits the ball and gets ready to run! We were so proud of our baby! He went 2 for 2 during the game!
Drew waits patiently to run to second base.

Drew and his team "tag-up" after the game! Our boys were so excited.

Coach Craig talks to the guys after the game and presents the game ball to a much - deserved Zachary! He also told the guys they won the game, 5- 4! GO RED SOX!!!

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