Thursday, December 30, 2010

School Programs 2010

On Thursday, November 4th, the Annual Veteran's Day Program was held at our school. All of our second graders perform in this program, under the direction of Mrs. Jana Curry. Drew loved participating in this program when he was in second grade, and Mikayla couldn't wait to participate as well, as school programs at our school begin with our second graders.Mikayla was so excited that she got the part of one of the flag bearers in this program. She was following in big brother's footsteps - when Drew was in third grade, he got the part of SC flag bearer during the third grade SC Program (pictures of that are hopefully coming soon). Mikayla was peeking at her Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, and Poppi by looking over to the side as she held the flag.After holding the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance, she joined some of the other second graders on the stage to sing. All Mikayla had been talking about all week, was how Mrs. Curry expected them to open their mouths wide while singing on stage. My girl is a good listener!
Mikayla, as well as all of the BSES second graders and Mrs. Curry, did a fantastic job of honoring our Veterans that night! There were several Veterans in attendance. I know this is something that Mikayla will always remember!

Then, on Tuesday, December 14th, Drew and the fourth graders at our school participated in the 10th annual Singing Tree Program, under the direction of Mrs. Jana Curry. This was also the last Singing Tree Program as next year the fourth graders will leave our school and go to the Intermediate school, instead.
I know it is hard to tell who is who, but Drew is the one almost directly in the center of this picture - on the row in front of the back row (next to last row).
These fourth graders are doing a great job of opening their mouths as they sing on stage, too!
Drew looks out at his Mimi and Poppi while he sings.

Again, looking over at his Mimi and Poppi! Mrs. Curry, our wonderful music teacher sings O Holy Night for the audience. She is one talented lady!! Drew, and all of the fourth graders and Mrs. Curry, did a fantastic job in this program. They got all in attendance in the Christmas Spirit!
Craig and I are the proud parents who love watching our angels perform!

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