Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Parade 2010

On Saturday, December 11th, our family went to the annual Boiling Springs Christmas Parade! This is a yearly tradition for our family - one that we have never missed. We love to see all of the different floats, and Drew and Mikayla especially love catching candy and seeing Santa at the end! We always sit in the same spot - year after year, and Poppi always joins us for the fun. He likes the catching candy part as much as we do!!
Poppi, Mikayla, Daddy, and Drew watch as the parade begins to move down the street. Mikayla is excited about something as Drew waves and wishes them a Merry Christmas.
Poppi and Mikayla collect some candy from the middle of the street while waiting for the next group to move by.

Drew sits in his chair. He started sitting about half-way through the parade. This surprised me because Drew never sits down during the parade - he is usually always too busy collecting candy. When I asked him what was wrong, he replied with "my head and throat hurt". My first thought was oh no, please not strep. He had his fourth grade Christmas program three days from this date, and we had been waiting for this for years. He could not be sick.
Both Drew and Mikayla wave at Santa as he rides by!!

We always go to Mimi and Poppi's house each year after the parade, just because it is easier with all of the traffic. While there, Drew kicked back in my daddy's recliner and asked to be covered up. We really knew then, that all was not okay. We took Drew's temperature and it was 99.6. We decided it was time to head home so that Drew could rest. Once home, Drew ate very little for lunch and then curled up in mine and Craig's bed to take a quick nap. Luckily, he felt better after a little rest - as you will see on a later post!!

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