Monday, December 27, 2010

Hollywild Christmas Lights 2010

Our family visited Hollywild Animal Park's annual holiday lights display the Saturday after Thanksgiving! It was pretty crowded, but we expected that on a Saturday night! We still had so much fun as a family, despite the crowd! We rode through the light display, visited the deer enchanted forest (where we got to feed deer, zebras, cows, emus, etc.), and stopped by Santa's Winter Wonderland for hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows, and more animals.The deer in the Deer Enchanted Forest weren't real hungry the night we were there. Craig gets ready to throws some food.
Mikayla tries to get the deer to come closer.This emu looks real interested - we just hoped it was in the food that we had to share.Drew tries to get the zebra to come closer.
This horse cracked us up - Drew gave him a cracker and he nodded his head and showed his teeth (like a smile) and flapped his lips. It was too funny! We assumed he liked the cracker.
I think this horse is interested in Mikayla's sucker.
Drew and Mikayla liked the albino bison.
Mikayla tries to feed these two cows - she wouldn't let them get close to her hands, and usually ended up dropping the cracker for them to get off the ground.
Drew loved feeding these animals - he was amazed by the size of their tongues (you would have thought this was the first time he had see them).
Mikayla pets the goats - they reminder her of Miley (the pet goat that she once had).
Drew wanted another Jackson (his pet goat).

Mikayla and daddy roasting marshmallows.

Drew roasts his marshamallow. The smoke was bothering his eyes.

Mikayla took a picture of mommy and daddy in front of the fire!

We have been going to the Holiday Lights Safari at Hollywild for years - sometimes even two and three times a year. Every year, we always have a wonderful time looking at the lights and interacting with the animals.

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