Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Years - Wow!

On Wednesday, December 29th, 2010, Craig and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! I have been married to my best friend for a whole decade - and even more surprising - I have spent over 1/3 of my life with him. I remember the day we were married as if it were yesterday - my mom fixed my hair so that half of it was pulled back away from my face, but then it spiraled down in pretty ringlets. She even added a touch of Baby's Breath, which I loved! Then we headed to the Spartanburg County Magistrates Office, where we were joined by my mom and dad, Craig's dad, my sister, Craig's brother and his wife. At 12:00 pm on Friday, December 29th, 2000, I became the wife of Craig and our lives became one.
We have had so many wonderful experiences in the past 10 years - the birth of our son, Drew, and then the birth of our daughter, Mikayla, top the list!! We found a church to call home, and Craig and my children were even there when I was baptized. We survived on one salary while I completed my student teaching, and Craig was the first one I called to tell I had my first teaching job!! He was the one that I called when I was selected as our school's Teacher of the Year, and then again when it was announced that I was our district's Teacher of the Year. He attended the Teacher of the Year banquet for our district where I had to give a speech. I will never forget the words of my principal after his observations that night - "I was watching your husband as you gave your speech and his face was so full of love." "I could tell that he is so proud of you!" I will also never forget my husband's words when the State Teacher of the Year was announced - "You will always be our teacher of the year. God knew what He was doing - He knew that the kids and I couldn't survive without you for a year." You see, the SC Teacher of the Year takes a 1 year hiatus from the classroom and travels the state. Those very words have brought such joyous tears to my eyes, even as I recall them now. We experienced all of the "firsts" of our two precious angels - first bath, first smile, first time rolling over, first tooth, first haircut, first steps, and all of the other firsts along the way - together as husband and wife.
We have watched as Craig's brother, Jason, graduated from the Highway Patrol Academy and began his job serving our great state. We have loved getting to know our sweet nephew, Haston, and our sweet nieces, Belle and Ella! We have watched as my daddy bought his very first brand new truck. We have watched my brother purchase his first home, and we watched my baby sister grow up right in front of our eyes - from the shy 13 year old hiding behind me when Craig and I first met, to the beautiful, confident 24 year old that she is today. We have enjoyed 10 years full of birthdays, family gatherings, Christmases, Vacations, and memories that we will hold dear forever.
I won't say that the past 10 years have always been easy, and I won't say that we have been without our share of trials, but He never promised it would be! What I will say - and what I believe with my whole heart - is that everything happens for a reason according to the Will of God. Craig and I believe we are right where we are meant to be, and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives making many more memories together as husband and wife. Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my soul mate, and the love of my life! I thank God every day for you!!
Craig surprised me with these beautiful roses on Wednesday - I was all smiles when I saw them!!My daddy agreed to keep Drew and Mikayla (Craig called and arranged this for the first time, and it made me such a happy girl - it's the little things that mean the most!!) so that Craig and I could go out to dinner! They always like when we go out on dates because they LOVE staying with their Poppi!
Daddy and Poppi talk to each other after we got back from dinner.

Another picture of my beautiful roses - this was such a thoughtful gift!! There is one rose for each year we have been married, for a total of 10!
10 years of marriage is such a big milestone, and I can't wait to celebrate many, many more with my sweet husband!

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