Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Roper Mountain Christmas Lights 2010!

On Saturday, December 11, our family went to the Roper Mountain Holiday Lights Display for the first time. It was beautiful, and we are excited about making this another family Christmas tradition!! This kids loved it, but can't wait to go back next year because we didn't get to visit Winter Wonderland. Instead, we waited in line to ride the horse-drawn carriage through the lights (we had never ridden in a horse-drawn carriage), and by the time our ride was finished, Winter Wonderland was closed. Drew and Mikayla didn't get upset - it just gives them something to look forward to next year. They had also already visited with Santa at Hollywild, and they would visit with him again at the mall.Drew and Mikayla help to feed the horses that were pulling one of the carriages.
Drew and Daddy on the carriage. The horses that pulled our carriage were named Butterfinger and Traveler. Drew was a little nervous - he didn't want these horse to run with us down a hill.Mikayla and Mommy on the carriage. It was so much fun! The horses didn't run down a hill, but they did run up one. It made us all laugh, and Drew wasn't scared at all.The pretty candycane lane.
Daddy, Drew, and Mikayla at Santa's sleigh.
Mommy, Drew, and Mikayla at Santa's sleigh.
Drew as a toy soldier.
Mikayla as a toy soldier.
They had some of the neatest lights that I had never seen before. Like this one was Santa's Toy Factory - It had elves putting toys in one side and the toys were dropping out of the other side.
After we left the lights display, we went to eat at Steak and Shake! We don't have one here, and the last time we had eaten at this restaurant was when we were in Florida. It is one of our favorite places - the kids (and me) love it because of the shakes, and Craig loves the burgers.

After we got home, Craig and I took this funny picture of ourselves. We had a wonderful evening as a family and made many, many, memories!!

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