Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

Easter morning, Drew and Mikayla woke up to find their Easter baskets full of goodies left by the Easter Bunny. They each received 2 books both signed by a recent author we had visit our school, some temporary tattoos, and just a little bit of candy. Then it was off to church to hear our choir present the Easter Cantata. It was absolutely beautiful! After church we headed over to Mimi and Poppi's house. The Easter Bunny also left goodies for Drew and Mikayla over there and they were very excited about that! They were especially excited about the eggs that Poppi made for them! They loved these eggs! I loved the thought behind them - daddy said he came home at 11:30 Saturday night from my aunt and uncles house and made those eggs for Drew and Mikayla. Drew's had dinosaurs on them and couldn't have been more perfect! Mikayla's had flowers and butterflies and she loved it!After seeing what the Easter Bunny left at Mimi and Poppi's house we walked across the street to my Grandma's house! There Drew and Mikayla allowed Mommy to take more pictures of them and then they spotted eggs that Poppi had already hid (very smart daddy)! We were going to cook out hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and daddy told them they could hunt while the food was on the grill. They waited very patiently (more so than I would have been) by hiding and finding one of Drew's eggs that he had carried across the street. While at Grandma's Drew and Mikayla hunted eggs (74 altogether), we all had a wonderful dinner (my Grandma had a fantastic idea), and we enjoyed each other's company! Everyone had a terrific time! I remember going to my Grandma and Papa's house every Easter - my kids will also have these memories that will last a lifetime!!

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