Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Baseball Game 2008

Golden Gophers!! WOOOHOOO!! Baseball season has officially arrived!! Drew's first game, the Jamboree, was today! And what a day it was for Drew!?!?! I screamed/yelled/hollered (whatever you wanna call it) so much it's a wonder I have a voice!! Drew is playing first base this year, and he LOVES it! His team has only had 4 total practices (some were rained out, and other times the fields had no lights), and they have only practiced in positions once so I was a little nervous about this first game. I shouldn't have worried - the whole team played so well!! Drew and his friends worked hard to win the game 5 - 1!!
I must brag a little on my boy though (I also write this because it's something I don't want to forget). Drew played AWESOME at first base today. He was focused on the game, he hustled, and he was able to get many outs! Even our coach's wife said "he was like a little vacuum, anything that was hit remotely his way he scooped up". All of their outs today, while playing defense, were made at first base (with the exception of the batters who struck out). It amazes me the growth from last year to this year. Drew has always been a pretty decent batter, but to see him play defense like he did today was amazing!!
Speaking of batting, I must also mention that my boy hit two home runs today, one each time he was at bat. Both times there was a runner on base so he scored 4 RBI's!! In the picture above you can see one of his coaches giving him a high five as he crosses home plate the second time. You can also see Craig who was coaching first base today. Drew came out to sit with his Papa after his team came in to hit. It's hard to see Papa and Mikayla but they are there. Mikayla was mad at this time because Drew had just gotten her friend Cole out at first. She started crying and told him not to get Cole out anymore. He replied "I was just doing what I was supposed to do". It was a fantastic game where both teams played very well and gave it their all! Drew received the game ball after the game, and I've been calling him Home Run King all day!

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Renee' said...

Way to go Drew!! I can't believe we're in baseball season now!

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