Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dyeing Easter Eggs!!

We teach Drew and Mikayla the true meaning/reason for Easter, but we also celebrate with them in some of the more "commercial" forms. Last night we dyed Easter eggs. This is a favorite activity of Drew and Mikayla and they so look forward to this each year! They have gotten old enough now, so they are pretty independent with this activity. I still get the dye ready and boil the eggs of course, but after that they do everything while I watch (and take pictures)!

Last night we decided to dye eggs so that tonight we could make Easter cookies (look for a post on that to come shortly - a great way to teach little ones about the true meaning of Easter). Drew and Miki did a wonderful job with their eggs - they are beautiful if I do say so myself. Drew took great care to make several of his eggs different colors! Mikayla knew just what she wanted and went for it!

The waiting is the hardest part!!

Just the perfect shade of purple will do!

Making eggs two different colors is hard work!

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Renee' said...

My kids love coloring easter eggs too! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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