Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Drew's Baseball Banquet

Mikayla with her Aunt Jennie!
Drew walks with his Poppi!
Drew receives his trophy from Coach Tim!
Peyton and Drew have a good time while enjoying their supper!
Mikayla with her Poppi!

On Thursday, May 18th, we went to Fudruckers with the players from Drew's baseball team this year. We were having their end-of-season banquet to celebrate all of their hard work! It was really nice because we had reserved the whole back room and the players could invite as many people that they wanted. We invited Mimi, Poppi, Jennie, Josh, Jonathan, and Jessica to come celebrate with us. We were thrilled that Poppi and Jennie were able to make it. The others would have loved to have been there, but were unable to due to work or other conflicts. It was very nice to have all of our families together to celebrate. We were able to get some dinner, talk about baseball or just our kids in general, and enjoy cake. The team members and coaches were awarded trophies, and the children (and some adults) were able to play some games! We all had a wonderful time at the banquet. It was a terrific season, with all of the players learning a lot! We can't wait until next year!!

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