Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dance Class

This is one of the last dance classes for Mikayla before her recital! (Expect lots of pictures from that!!! We will also be videoing it!) Mikayla practicing her tap routine with her lollipops. If you remember from an earlier post, the theme for this year's recital is "Dancing Through Oz" and her tap routine is danced to The Lollipop Kids. Her once black tap shoes have been spray paited white to match her costume. Yes, I said spray painted. That's what her teacher told us to do and it worked. We will probably be buying her new white tap shoes though for recital as these are becoming a little small on her feet. Our whole family, as well as Mikayla, can not wait for this recital. Craig says she probably won't do anything once she gets on that stage. We shall see!!

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