Friday, August 13, 2010

Inman Christmas Parade 2009

On a rainy Saturday morning in early December, Mikayla and some of the other dancers from Rising Star Dance Company rode in the Inman Christmas Parade. This was the fourth year in a row that Mikayla had participated in this parade. Daddy, Drew, Poppi, and I stood out in the rain to watch for our princess to ride by and wave. As soon as she went by, I got in the car to go to where the parade ended to pick her up. Daddy, Drew, and Poppi stayed to watch the rest of the parade, while Mikayla and I tried to make it back in time to see Santa (as she and I had done the previous year). This year, we made it back, but not in time to see Santa ride by. Mikayla was not too upset, though, because Poppi told her we would go to the Hot Dog Cafe for lunch! That made her day!!Our pretty princess in purple waves to the onlookers!

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