Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Family Photos

Craig and I on the golf cart after taking pictures! Nana had been wanting to get a picture of all of her grandchildren on the beach for her Christmas card for years, so we all got up and headed down to the beach Sunday morning before leaving to get the children together for their pictures.
Mikayla rides back to the house on the golf cart.

Drew riding back to the house.
This is the picture that we took of just Drew and Mikayla for our 2009 Christmas card!
I love taking pictures like this - of their backs as they look out at something.

After taking pictures of all of the grands/families on the beach, we went back to Nana and Papa Fred's house and took a picture of Papa Fred with all the grands. I begged Nana to get in this picture, but she will next time!
Craig asked Angel, our sister-in-law, to take a picture of us on the beach. I think it turned out to be a good picture of the two of us!

Our family picture - one of the many that were taken. By the time we got to the family pics, Drew and Mikayla were quite tired of taking pictures.

One of the pictures of the "grands". We just put them together and we all started flashing the cameras. I was snapping back to back, thinking with all of this, I'm bound to get one good one.
and again. These are not all of the ones that I took, but I tried to pick some of the best for this. We had the most fun that morning with all of the families down on the beach with the nice cool breeze blowing trying to get six children to all look in the same direction and smile at the same time.

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