Friday, August 13, 2010

Boiling Springs Christmas Parade 2009

Mikayla can't wait for the parade to start!Daddy and Poppi couldn't wait for it to start, either. They are so silly!Mikayla talks to Kylie, while Drew watches as the parade begins to move past us.

Drew shakes hands with the chicken from Bojangles.

Mikayla looks on as Drew gives the fire dog a high five. Mikayla eventually was brave enough to walk over and give him a hug.

Jennie just moved her chair and all out in the middle of the road!!

Mikayla waves to Santa as Drew picks up some candy that was thrown to him.

Drew and daddy wave to Santa!!
We had so much fun at this parade as we do every year. We have only missed one Boiling Springs Christmas parade since Drew has been born, and that was the year that Mikayla was sick. Both of our children LOVE this parade and look forward to it every year!!

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