Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Camp Out - er In!

My friend Amy had surgery on January 21st, and I had mentioned having her children, Jadyn and Trevyr, spend the night at our house one night during her recovery. On Friday, February 6th when we left dance, I had 3 children in my van, and I was headed to pick up the 4th (Drew) from my mom and dad's house. From there, we headed to Chick-fil-a (the drive through of course, as I was not brave enough to take the four of them in there by myself) and then home for fun. The four of them enjoyed their supper of nuggets and waffle fries and then spent the rest of the night playing in their rooms. I really could not believe how well the night went with four children ages 4, 5, 6, and 7! They were well behaved, especially Jadyn and Trevry (my two were their usual selves), and they all got along very well - there was no fussing and fighting which shocked me because my two do that all the time. Our plan was to have popcorn as we watched a movie before bed, but the time got away from me. Instead we baked heart cookies and then watched the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All four children used their sleeping bags as they "camped-out" in our living room. Amy came to our house the next morning so that she, Jadyn, and Trevyr could go with us to watch Drew's basketball game, and then she took our girls to dance that afternoon. All four kids seemed to have a lot of fun that night, and it really wasn't all that bad for mama either (just a little tired the next day).

Mikayla was the last one to sleep, as usual.

By 11:00, they were all sleeping peacefully.

Then, on Saturday night, March 7th while her husband was at the race, Amy asked if both Drew and Mikayla wanted to spend the night at her house. I told her she was a brave soul for keeping both of them, but they both wanted to stay. So, Craig and I dropped Drew and Mikayla off (along with some pizza) about 5:30 that night and we enjoyed a date night!!

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