Friday, August 07, 2009

Another Dance Competition!

Mikayla's second dance competition of the year was held at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium on April 18th. She danced her clogging routine with Brooke and then she danced her tap routine with Alana. I loved their clogging costumes this year - she and Brooke posed in them before they went on stage. She and Brooke are good friends (they also went to the same daycare) and I hope they always will be!
Mikayla and Brooke onstage as they open their clogging routine!

Mikayla and Brooke end their routine! We didn't get to stay for awards because Craig and I had to get to Greenville for "Larry the Cable Guy", but Brooke and Mikayla's routine won 1st place!! We are so proud of our girls!!
Mikayla and Alana begin their tap routine. I also liked these costumes this year!!
A better picture of Mikayla and Alana on stage! I had to take a picture of them on the screens because I couldn't use my flash. Alana and Mikayla also won 1st place with their tap routine. Mikayla was thrilled to receive her "prizes" when she went back to dance class on Monday, the 20th! Way to go Mikayla and Alana - we are so proud of you!!

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BeccaGirl said...

Those costumes are so cute!! Looks like they all had fun doing their routines.

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