Sunday, August 02, 2009

3rd Nine Weeks' Award's Day!

After we got back to school from Spring Break, our school hosted our Awards Day for the third nine weeks of school. Another special day for our students, and especially for Drew and Mikayla!! I was thrilled to be able to enjoy Awards Day with both of our angels again. First, I went to Drew's Awards Day while my students were in related arts that morning.Drew walks back to his seat after receiving his first award!
Drew shared his poem, Sharks, with everyone that was in attendance. Craig and I are very proud of Drew's writing this year. This same poem has been published in two anthologies this year!! Drew goes up to get another award!
Then I got to go to Mikayla's Awards Day right before mine started that afternoon. Again, I worked with Mrs. Batson to plan for my Awards Day to begin 30 minutes after hers so that I could see Mikayla. This also worked well because we shared a set of twins this past year.

Mikayla was thrilled when she saw me walk in the room!! That smile says it all!

Mrs. Batson was getting ready to announce the class' best musician. What she was telling everyone leading up to the award let me know it would be Mikayla before she even announced it. You can tell by this face that Mikayla knew it too!

Mikayla looks at her awards once she returned to her seat!

Her class showed us a finger play that they had been practicing so they could show the parents. Mikayla loves to dance/act so this is right up her alley!

Craig and I are extremely proud of our children and they accomplished in school last year!! We hope they will continue to do this well in school!!

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