Friday, June 26, 2009

Mikayla Lost a Tooth!!

I picked Mikayla and Drew up from Extra Edition on Tuesday, April 7th, and knew right away Mikayla had something to tell me. She came walking over to where I was standing with a huge smile on her face. A smile big enough showing a hole in her mouth where a tooth once had been. Then, she proudly held up a bag holding her tooth. She was very excited, and I don't know who was more excited for her, Craig, Drew, or myself! It had been wiggling for awhile, but she wouldn't let anyone pull it. She said it just fell out at Extra Edition. She couldn't wait to put her tooth under her pillow that night for the Tooth Fairy to visit - well, after she asked us what seemed like a thousand questions about her. Would she hurt her, what did she look like, etc. She is our cautious child for sure. She was thrilled when she woke up the next morning and found five dollars under her pillow!! Since April, she has lost another tooth on the bottom and received another five dollars from the Tooth Fairy and now has her third "wiggly tooth". We think she looks so cute. What do you think?

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