Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Summer!!

I know the calendar doesn't show summer yet, but summer vacation officially started for me and the angels on Friday, June 5th!! This school year flew by, but Drew, Mikayla, and I couldn't be more happy about summer vacation!! They both had very successful and productive school years, with Drew heading to third grade and Mikayla heading to first grade in the fall. We got their report cards in the mail on Saturday and I'm happy to report that Mikayla had all S's, and Drew had 2 A's, one B, and the rest S's!

So far, we have spent our days by the pool, which is something we look forward to every year!! Mikayla is attending dance camp this week, and Drew will be attending science camp for a week a little later in the summer. Craig is working to plan our vacation week - we are thinking a trip to Florida to visit GG ma and GG pa!! We would also love to take the kids back to Disney!! Nana has asked if Drew and Mikayla would come to the beach to spend a weekend with her - to which they both agreed. We are going to work to figure out a weekend that works for everyone. Craig and I won't know what to do with a weekend without our babies, but it will be nice to have time - "just the two of us"!

Drew has finished up baseball - I need to get to work posting pictures from this season. We had his banquet last Tuesday night so I have some fun stats to share as well. Maybe I will get to that sometime this week!

Mikayla is finishing up another dance season where she took tap, ballet, jazz, and clogging again this year. Her recital was last Saturday, May 30th. I need to get to work posting pictures from that as well. Again, maybe sometime this week?

Now that things have slowed down a bit for our family, I hope to get back into my posting routine. We shall see...

I'll leave you with some of our first pictures from summer. Drew and Mikayla always enjoy the pool and this year is no different. They talked Craig and I into taking them swimming the first Sunday it was open. The water was freezing so Craig and I did no more than stick our feet in, however, freezing water has never stopped our "little fish" and that day was no different.

She was so cold, but she was determined to swim!

It's like they were talking each other into it...

Once they got their whole bodies wet, they were used to the frigid temperatures. Craig and I let them enjoy the pool for about 30 minutes, then told them they would have to get out and enjoy the pool another day. When the temperature of the water increased....

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Kim said...

Alison, I think the photo at the top of your blog (the kids on either side of the stone column) is just precious. Mikayla has caught up with Drew in that she's looking more like a child instead of a preschooler. So happy for you with things better these days. You were in my prayers for several months. Maybe I'll see you around this summer. Kim

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